The Hashtag

It is no secret that we are all avid social media users. Sometimes social media trends have the tendency to be a bit bizarre and/or funny. One of the trends that has stuck around for a long period of time goes against everything we have learned regarding grammar. Though many of you have referred to this as the “pound sign”, in today’s social networking environment, it is referred to as a hashtag!

The hashtag was introduced to the social media world on August 23, 2007, by Chris Messina via a tweet he posted on Twitter.

Since then, the hashtag has become a part of regular everyday posting. But what does the hashtag really mean? Does it have a legitimate purpose? The short answer is yes!

Since 2007, the hashtag gained popularity and is now used across almost every social media platform. The intent for a hashtag is to be able to categorize certain words, making it easy for users to find information in regard to a specific word. Hashtags simplify the search process and eliminate the “junk” you don’t care to see on your feed. On a daily basis, new and unique hashtags are being used. If the hashtag is catchy enough, it has the opportunity to become viral, and as you and I know, that is all anyone wants these days – is to go #viral!

Hashtags can also be used for industry specific posting. Many times, you may see influencers or marketers create a post and end it with several hashtags.

 Industry hashtags allow people to search for a specific service or industry, creating an immediate connection. For example, if you are a mortgage broker and want to create a post to target potential home buyers or homeowners wishing to refinance their current property, you may see a post advertising mortgage related services with several hashtags to follow.

“Interest rates are at an all-time low! Refinance your property today with Motto Mortgage! Contact us today! #refinance #mortgagebroker

 By clicking on one of those hashtags, it will bring the content to people who actively search for “Mortgage Broker” or “Refinance”.

If you are actively using social media to market yourself, hashtags are a must use! 

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