The Power of Video Ads

The Power of Video Advertising to Help Your Business Grow

There is an old adage that says “A picture is worth a thousand words“. What this means is that it takes an extremely large number of words to be able to describe what someone can see by simply looking at a picture.

Think about that for a moment. If you are a business owner, executive, or marketing manager looking to attract customers to a business, think of the picture’s impact over using text. In fact, visuals help a person get a message 60,000 times faster than it would take for them to read a text about that same product or service. This is why you simply have to use visuals to be successful in reaching your customer base.

Now It Is Time to Go a Step Further

If pictures more easily capture the attention of your customer, think about what a video will do. Researchers have discovered that a 60-second video is worth nearly 2 million words. This is how much information you can relay to someone about your product or service in the span of just 60 seconds.

This is why it is essential for you to use the video as a marketing tool to reach your customers. However, it is not the only reason. We live in a digital age. People watch videos on their phones or other handheld devices, televisions, computers, and virtually anything else that has a screen on it. They have come to ignore most of the text and will only pay attention to digital forms of media.

Draw Them to You

By having a video to use as your advertising, you will instantly reach a more extensive customer base. The reality is that there is a growing number of customers who will simply not read. They don’t like it. Maybe they can’t even do it. However, they can watch a 60-second video and do so, especially if it is entertaining.

Plus, a video allows you to do a lot in terms of branding your company. You can show clever imagery, logos, locations, and other information that will associate your brand with whatever product or service you have to offer. You can soon find yourself as THE product in a particular industry.

The world is changing more rapidly than ever before, and it could likely be that soon video will be the only way that you can reach your customer base. It is time to get on board with the power of video advertising now.

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