Why Your Business Should Be On Instagram

                      Instagram is a platform where individuals are allowed to share their lives visually with the public. After years of updates and testing new features out, there are many different ways individuals can share their photos and videos. From adding captions, using filters, engaging with others from near and far, Instagram is a place where anyone can interact with anyone. The interaction of individuals is key to building a business, and that is how promoting happens. By one, direct messaging another, to one person sharing a post with a friend, word of mouth is the key to business building. Instagram specifically is an excellent start to the advancement of a business.

           Social media continuously grows and constantly progresses as time goes by, making it almost impossible not to be on it. Primarily Instagram targets people of all ages, but with its target audience being between 25 and 34 years old, those are the individuals who are financially able to make purchases from businesses they may come across on their feed. When creating a business, there is always a focus on a target market and having Instagram at the tips of your fingers is what entrepreneurs need.

1. Creating an Apparent Profile

           Creating a business Instagram page must be apparent because the Instagram profile is a crucial spot people go. You must take advantage of the profile picture, profile description, and URL link as a creator. If the profile is captivating to people, more people are going to click on it. The profile page is where visitors can see what your business is and what it is about.

2.Utilize the Features of Instagram!

                 Because Instagram uses pictures, the chosen images must be perfect for the specific post. By creating an ideal post, editing pictures are essential. The app has editing features that allow you to filter, angle, and rotate the image. You even can add text to the photos as well. Many businesses like to give their profile a specific color scheme for their postings, and Instagram has all the tools for that. That being said, Instagram is its own tool in helping businesses create their ideal profile.

3.Hashtags are Your Best Friend

                 Hashtags, hashtags, hashtags!   They are the best thing to happen to any business on the Instagram app. It is being handed to you, to allow your page to get noticed! The more hashtags, the better because once you click on one, it’s like a trickle-down effect of finding other useful ones. If you are unsure what hashtags are relevant or which ones might be the best, check out other businesses in the same industry and which hashtags they use.

4.The Use of Live Stream and Video

                 Live stream and posting videos are a feature on Instagram that all businesses should take part in. Live streaming allows businesses and customers to interact in real-time. So, any questions that people might have may be answered in seconds rather than waiting on an email back from your company. As for videos, they allow customers to put a face and voice to the company. It may make customers feel more comfortable and more willing to test the business out for their products. No matter what your business is, the videos are always beneficial and let customers see firsthand certain things that owners want consumers to know.

5.Scheudle Posts!

                 Posting on Instagram consecutively is crucial when it comes to having social media for your business. Every business should have a schedule of when they want new content to get posted. It could be twice a day, once a day, twice a week, once a week. Whatever works best for the company must be followed consistently. Posting on a schedule and more frequently will increase the number of new and returning customers to your business page.

6.Interact with Others!

                 Interaction with others on Instagram is another way to build your business. For example, commenting on consumers’ posts or other businesses’ posts allows individuals to see your current profile. In addition, the interaction with other accounts may be something your business wants to do weekly by taking a set few hours each week and going on to interact solely. 

7.Promoting is Key

                 Promote! That is what businesses have to do to get the word around. Specifically, promoting your Instagram is extremely important. With a few clicks of buttons, individuals can easily be on your Instagram page rather than the website. Promoting your Instagram user more than anything else will benefit your business in so many different ways. For example, if the goal of your business is to get your follower count up, you can send out your Instagram link, and with one click, they are on your feed! You can also take time out to follow people yourselves. When you follow people first, individuals get intrigued to see who followed them, and they will go on the profile.

                 With Instagram being a platform where everything is posted visually to the public, it is one of the best platforms to put your business on. By following all the different steps listed above, your business will most certainly flourish.

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