The Benefits of Putting Yourself on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the largest business networking platforms out there that allows you to interact with other members and provide you with new opportunities that would never exist on any other platform. LinkedIn allows you to create an online profile that is customizable to you, and that is where all the new opportunities and networking come from. The purpose of your LinkedIn profile is to promote you and give you recommendations and connections. Therefore, LinkedIn is one of the most valuable platforms to help when individuals hunt for a new job. That being said, LinkedIn is one of the most important platforms to have when looking for a job.

1. The Place Where Hiring Managers Go

          For starters, hiring managers are the individuals who view and look at your LinkedIn even if you were to apply for the job some other way. Your profile is the spot they go to, to look at who you are and what you are about. Because of that, you should consider putting more time and effort into your profile. Ensure that you have an exclusive LinkedIn headline, a profile picture that makes you look efficient, all past employment information, and a detailed list of skills. Now some individuals might not be on the hunt for a job, and they don’t see a purpose and making a LinkedIn profile. However, companies are always looking for new people to employ to benefit their company. So, who knows, there could be a job offer coming your way that you weren’t even looking for in the future because of your LinkedIn account. In addition, new jobs are constantly popping up on LinkedIn, and having a profile allows you to be kept up-to-date with any new ones that may suit you better.

2. Building Your Brand

          Along with publicizing yourself to get a better job, LinkedIn is key to helping you build your professional brand on an online platform. Doing so will show why you stand out, why you are marketable, and why you should be the chosen one when it comes to getting paid more. LinkedIn is key to wanting to publicize yourself because you don’t have to create a personal website. You can easily use the features and tools that LinkedIn provides to you. Your LinkedIn profile also builds trust and credibility to your name to prove that you are reliable and trustworthy to future employers.

3. Efficient Research Tool

          LinkedIn is also an excellent research tool. As much as companies may research you, now you can study them and see if they are a company you want to work for. Research their company, interviewers, hiring managers and nything else you think is necessary to know before applying. Along with researching companies, LinkedIn allows you to follow them as well. Follow them, meaning; you can see who they have working for them and everything that goes on in their environment.

4. Become a Member of LinkedIn Groups

          Joining LinkedIn groups comes with benefits leading to the reasons as to why everyone should be on LinkedIn. Groups on the platform are great ways to meet people similar to you in a professional aspect. It also allows you to expand your network to other employers, professionals, and generally, people in the same industry as you. One of the critical factors of being in a group is taking part in discussions. Discussions are where you can show off your knowledge on industry-related topics, ask and even answer questions in conversations that have essential people involved.

5. Start Early

          Colleges are starting to incorporate LinkedIn into their curriculums, allowing students to get their foot in the door with networking themselves. That being said, younger individuals with fresh education are up and coming on this platform, which has become very beneficial. For example, businesses may have an eye on specific students, and as soon as they graduate, they reach out with job opportunities for them. Or the roles may be reversed, students may have their eyes on certain companies they would love to work for, and they make sure they work hard to get a potential job opportunity from them. College student or not, it is never too late to create a LinkedIn account and start networking.

6. Google History

          LinkedIn also is key to promoting your name and creating more of a chance for your name to be popped up when googled. Employers almost anywhere will google your name to research you. However, if your LinkedIn is the first URL to pop up on their feed, rather than a social media account, you are going to seem more credible. As long as you have a good profile with accurate and detailed information, you are golden.

          LinkedIn is the networking platform that every individual should be on. It is so beneficial to promote yourself and network with others just at the tips of your fingers. By communicating with other people and other employers, you are creating more opportunities for yourself. Being able to customize your profile and add all the detailed information about yourself is what is essential. All in all, LinkedIn is most certainly the place for you to be.

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