Building A Website With WordPress

Why Use WordPress to Build a Website?

Building a website tends to be a process that a lot of business owners avoid. This is because the process seems to be intimidating and very detail-oriented. Building a website is indeed detail-oriented, but it is not intimidating, especially when using WordPress. WordPress is a platform used as a website builder and a content management system (CMS). The beauty of WordPress is that it is straightforward to use and easy to make different and unique websites. 

  1. Free is For Me

Before getting to know how WordPress is and how it works, the number one thing that makes this platform ideal is it is free to use. However, while the software itself is free, when you start with the website building, you will have to purchase some things down the road, like a domain name and a web host. A domain name is, is the address of your website online. In other words, what people will type in the search bar to get to your website. And a web host is where exactly you are storing your website’s files. Of course, both are important things and things people are willing to spend their money on, but what helps is that the website building software is free, and they don’t have to worry about that. Many people who are starting up businesses or hobbies sometimes look to spend their money on other things, so with the website builder being free, they are golden. 

2. Customizable and Unique

Many individuals who are using WordPress are the ones who need the extra assistant, especially when designing their site. Often, programmers don’t use WordPress because they know how to do all the tedious work themselves. However, non-tech-savvy people need all the guidance they can get from WordPress. WordPress comes with thousands of website templates, also known as themes. The variety of themes allows individuals to find what suits them the best. What is also great about WordPress is that because it is so customizable, many people make it even more unique by changing the colors, adding their logo or art, and changing the backgrounds to something more suitable. And the best thing is, all of this is done without using code. Aside from customizing the visuals, you can also customize all of the functionality right through WordPress. The customization and uniqueness all come from your fingertips. And the best thing of all is, individuals don’t even need to know how to code to do so.

3. Easy to Manage

An easy management platform is critical for people who don’t know what they are doing and how things work, and that is exactly what WordPress is, easy. WordPress already has a built-in update management system that allows individuals to update their layout just through your dashboard. WordPress itself is also constantly updating, so whenever a new version comes out, there are new features that could make your website look even better than it did before. What also makes managing WordPress easy is that aside from working on your website through a desktop, you can manage everything through their mobile app. 

4. Safe and Secure

WordPress itself is a platform that is very safe and secure to run a website from. In addition, WordPress offers a security guide for all beginners to read and go over to make sure what they are doing is correct. Although there is some uncertainty because the internet itself is a crazy place, WordPress does everything to make its platform as safe as possible. 

Having a great website is critical to having a successful business, and WordPress allows you to create such that. With it being free, customizable, easy to manage, and safe and secure, your website will be better than anything else, and it’s all done at the tips of your fingers. 

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