5 Tips To Build An Engaging Website

The reason behind building a website is usually because individuals want their business or blog to be seen by the masses. All websites have a purpose and they tend to be the first-place people go when introduced to something new. The creation of a website is entirely customizable and can be whatever the individual may want. However, it is essential to keep in mind that the website must be engaging; otherwise, no one will want to look at it. Listed below are five tips on how to build an engaging website. 

  1. Simplicity Is Key

When coming up with a theme for your website, individuals tend to go overboard at times. Creativity is essential, and making your website different from anything that has been created before may be interesting to look at; but, the more there is on the page, the viewer may get overwhelmed and sign off. Simplicity is important because it focuses on the essentials. However, being simple does not mean that the website needs to be boring. It can still have a beautiful and functional layout that is extremely clean-cut. Simplicity also means that the site will be easier to navigate and able to accommodate other platforms and devices. 

2.   Less Is More

Depending on what the website might be designed for, some websites need more pictures than words, and others might need more words than pictures. First, however, you want to narrow down individuals that are visiting your websites options. Then, really hone in on what it is that your visitors are going to want to look at. By doing that, you will be able to figure out what is needed and what is not. The more there is on a website, the more overwhelmed an individual might get, so it is best to have less. 

3.   Focus On Eye-Catching Colors

Visuals are what tend to bring a person into a website. Those visuals start with eye-catching colors. So, you want to pick a color that will be the entire basis of your website. It will be a color that when someone thinks of your website, they see that color. It is said that people’s moods can be expressed through colors, so that may be something website creators might want to keep in mind. For example, a black foundation, instead of a pink foundation, might mean something to different visitors. Overall, you want something that will keep the viewers engaged. 

4.   Use Easy-To-Read Fonts

On any website, there more than likely will be words. Therefore, you want to make sure that the font style is something that people can read. Although something might look pretty and appealing to you, some of the people visiting your website won’t be able to read it and will instantly log off. Therefore, using a visually proportional font and a font that stands out is what is engaging. 

5.   Create A Mobile-Friendly Website

In today’s world, people log onto websites on their cell phones (or other mobile devices) along with their computers. Having a website that is accommodating to all people will keep more people engaged with your site. Many people are on their phones for hours and hours every day, and the chances of them coming across your website on their phone is high. If the website didn’t accommodate their phone, they would probably scroll past. However, when individuals come across a mobile layout platform, they are more than likely to stay on it longer. 

Having an engaging website is the most important thing because, without an interesting website, there will be no interaction or success within that site!

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